Thanks to My Crew

Party Scene

Going to X Games in Aspen, watching incredible athletes and partying all night is a lot of fun but capturing it on film wouldn’t have been possible without all the great support I received.

Dan McClung gets a huge THANKS for his cinematography work in capturing most of my interviews (I’m bitter he didn’t get my interview with Tanner Hall) and doing all the editing. He is also the one who not so gently urged me to be more assertive and to throw my weight around a little.

Kristi Armijo is my right-hand lady who took a ton of photos, found me food, made me cocktails and did anything and everything I asked of her. Although her sense of direction may need a little help she’s the type of girl who will wait 20 minutes for a plain toasted bagel and not even complain.

Pieter Van Noordennen is the Assistant Editor at Skiing Magazine and has helped me out time and time again. Not only is Pieter a great person with a keen sense of fashion, he also has an incredible way with words and is able to convert a 20-second Skier X race into an epic adventure.

Doug Sabanosh is my boss and is not in this picture because he sent me to X Games while he stayed home and held down the fort. Sabo’s the best boss ’cause he makes me work hard but always give me enough gratitude and schwag to make it more than worth it.

I’d also like to thank Warren Miller Entertainment for all the technical support, Perkins Miller, Aspen/Snowmass, ESPN, Jonny Moseley, Steph Luciano and all the X Games athletes.