The Bulldog Saloon, Whitefish

Beers, burgers and wings at Whitefish's no-frills Bulldog Saloon.

Bulldog Saloon; Whitefish, Montana
The Bulldog Saloon is a locals kind of place. Named after the Whitefish High School mascot, the Bulldog is the place to go for beer, burgers, and wings. If you’re really thirsty, you can grab a BFP, or big f’ing pitcher, which is exactly what it sounds like, about a gallon of beer. It’s a no-frills bar where the game’s always on and the walls are covered in old beer signs and memorabilia from the namesake Whitefish High Bulldogs. And if you head to the bathrooms, they’re covered in something else: a floor-to-ceiling collage of pictures of naked women.
144 Central Avenue, Whitefish; (yes, that’s the real website)


The Bierstube

Packed by four every afternoon, The Bierstube (or just "The 'Stube") is the premiere apr├Ęs scene in all of Whitefish.