The Economy Isn't Affecting Skiers As Much As You'd Think

A recent survey by discovered some interesting findings: Namely, that work obligations more than the economy are affecting ski trips and that almost 50 percent of people have called in sick on powder days. We spoke to's Dan Sherman to find out more.
Powder Perfect

Last fall,, in association with Thule and Bear Naked Granola, posted some survey questions online—ranging from how people planned trips to how the economy was impacting their winter plans. The idea of the study was to find out people’s behavior this season. Some 500 people filled out the survey and last week, the results were tallied. "We gave people a list of things that might be the biggest lure to the slopes—and the biggest lure was lift ticket deals," says's Dan Sherman. "The thing I found most interesting was that rather than the economy it was work obligations that were the biggest hurdle to going on a ski trip. We expected the economy to be a bigger hurdle for a lot of different things, but people really weren’t pointing to the economy. If you’re a skier, it’s part of your passion, you’re going to find a way to do it no matter what." Here are the most interesting statistics from the survey:

85% of respondents are skiing the same, if not more this year than last.

Long distance ski trips increased by 7% this year

Discounted lift tickets are the biggest lure to the slopes, which plenty of resorts are offering

Work obligations play a bigger role than financial reasons for keeping people off the slopes

47 percent of survey respondents have called in “sick” to go skiing or riding on a powder day.

75 percent said that if they could get their job back at the end of the season they would take the entire winter off without pay so they could ski or ride for free whenever they wanted at their favorite mountain.

37 percent said just being in the mountains was the most romantic thing about skiing/riding and 36% pointed to sharing their passion of the sport with someone else.


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