The Hot List: October 2002

Hot List

To Hades & Beyond!
Most SUVs are gas-guzzling necessary evils. The new four-wheel-drive Porsche Cayenne Turbo is just plain evil. Go ahead and sell your soul (and house, and spouse, whatever it takes) and step up: It’s got more horsepower than the closest competitor (450 vs. 340 for the BMW X5), goes 0 to 60 in 5.6 seconds, and tops out at 165 m.p.h.
est. $80,000+; 800-767-7243,

Check These Specs
Still sportin’ shades with two-inch-thick temples? The latest haute-couture mountain eyewear trend is mirrored, metallic, and wraparound. Smith, Arnette, Ray Ban, and Killer Loop have unleashed lines of metal-framed shades. Smith’s “Gold Digger” leads the way with candy-colored lenses and Italian-fab frames.
$80; 208-726-4477,

Goodbye Billy Kidd, hello Nick Mercon. Freeride teams are the resort ambassadors your mother warned you about. Though the first teams were formed at Whistler and Copper Mountain in 1997, it wasn’t until the last two years that the idea of upping a resort’s profile by sponsoring a clan of tattooed big-mountain huckers and terrain-park tricksters really took off. Now more than a dozen teams represent ski areas from Mt. Hood to Killington.

Most teams consist of five or six athletes-males and females, skiers and snowboarders. They earn themselves a free pass and other perks (from monthly salaries to photo incentives) when they add the resort to their sponsor list and take part in competitions, films, and promotions. Some even help with halfpipe and terrain park suggestions-and then get in there and school us.

Mac Daddy Mount
BD has gone full Matrix on us. The O2 Telemark Binding combines lift, strength, and lightness in a never-before-seen design. Take the cable: Instead of routing around the perimeter of the boot, it (and the patented interchangeable spring cartridges, Free-Flex, Mid-Stiff, and Ridiculously-Stiff) runs under the entire foot, dramatically increasing the stability of the uphill ski. The cartridges are the fattest (thus strongest) on the market. Just don’t plan on strapping your 10-year-old Merrells into these bad boys.
$155; 801-278-5533,

Too Hot?
We’re as fashion-forward as the next pack of ski rats, but you won’t catch us swapping out our neck gaiters to match our jacket du jour. So, we’re not sure about Morphic’s Attention Deficit Outerwear, which sports interchangeable zip-on graphics. Okay, the mud-flap girls are pretty hip, but why cover ’em up? Just because Mom’s around? Please.
Pants, $199; 612-789-4499,