The Local Brew

Supporting your ski town, one beer at a time.
Goose Island Mild Winter

These days, supporting your local economy is the in thing. And for good reason. Personally, I'd rather get fresh tomatoes from my buddy Thad at the farmers’ market than a funky looking reddish blob that tastes more like spicy wet cardboard. There's something to be said for a product that isn't made for the masses—quality retained in a disregard for quantity. Beer, quite obviously, is what I'm talking about, and beer from ski town breweries in particular. In the weeks to come, we’ll bring you insights into some of our favorite ski town breweries. Now, however, it’s not snowing and we need to be more productive than running around the office in long underwear and ski boots. So while you wait for the season to start, here are a few great breweries worth checking out.

Laurelwood Public House and Brewery

Portland, Oregon

Try an…Organic Free Range Red. Combining organic farming, hops grown in state, and a perky looking rooster for a mascot, no wonder it pairs well with patchouli.

Goose Island

Chicago, Illinois

Try a… Mild Winter Ale. Medium bodied but creamy, great for impatiently watching leaves fall from trees.

Clipper City Brewing Co.

Baltimor, Maryland

Try a…Holy Sheet. Rich and full bodied in the style of Belgian beers, delicious, and it gives you a great excuse to say ‘Holy Sheet’ a lot.

McGuire’s Irish Pub Brewery

Pensacola, Florida

Try a…McGuires ‘I’ll Have What the Gentlemen on the Floor is Having’ Barley Wine.Honestly, I haven’t tried it but please, if you have, let us know how it turned out.