The North Face vs. The South Butt

The North Face is suing a University of Missouri freshman over his upstart clothing line.
The South Butt

In yet another ski-related lawsuit, apparel company The North Face is suing a University of Missouri freshman over his own clothing line called…wait for it…The South Butt. Jimmy Winkelmann, 18, created a line of T-shirts, jackets, and shorts emblazoned with his The South Butt logo and has been distributing them online and at a local St. Louis pharmacy. When the multimillion-dollar California company saw The South Butt’s familiar looking logo, its lawyers sent Winkelmann a cease-and-desist letter, citing that TNF owns the trademark for the half-dome design. For now, Winkelmann plans to continue producing his South Butt clothing even though he could face legal action. In an interview with St. Louis’s KPLR, The South Butt’s attorney Albert Watkins said, “I did try to explain with a great deal of candor to counsel for The North Face that the general public is aware of the difference between a face and a butt.”


Crested Butte's North Face

Anatomy: Crested Butte's North Face

Don’t be fooled by the T-bar that accesses this terrain: This is no bunny slope. The North Face, a massive back bowl that slants as much as 50 degrees, is the site of big-mountain competitions and gladed, fluff-filled stashes. If it’s a powder day, get here quickly.

Kevin Alderton has four percent of his vision. He also has the world record for blind speed skiing.

Skiing by Braille

He has difficulty crossing the street and sometimes he accidentally walks into walls. He nearly took himself out on his own barbecue. But Kevin Alderton, who has just four percent vision, owns the world record for blind speed skiing.