Think You Look Like Seth Morrison?

This Halloween, we’re giving you an excuse to dress up like your favorite pro freeskier: Seth Morrison. That’s right, we’re hosting a Seth Morrison lookalike contest. Send us your best photo mimicking this image of Seth. The winner gets two pairs of Seth pro model Hestra gloves.
The Real Seth Morrison

The other night at a TGR premiere, I spotted Seth Morrison signing autographs behind a table. I wanted to ask him some questions, but I became speechless, dumbfounded, starstruck…I couldn’t think of anything. “Since seeing you in Ski Movie I have wanted to be you. How can I be more like you?” Whoa, that sounds scary. “Will you autograph this poster and write something perverted?” No, a little overbearing. “So your hair is black now, do you like it?” Why can’t I think of anything?

For years people have dressed up for Halloween as their favorite superhero—Superman, Robin Hood, The Hulk. For skiers, Seth Morrison is about as superhero as it gets. Everyone wants to be him, even girls like me. So instead of poking fun of the balloon boy or Michael Jackson or showing up to the bars in a gorilla suit, be Seth Morrison.

Send us a photo, most closely resembling our photo of Seth, and we’ll select the best mirror image. The winner gets two pairs of Hestra Gloves (Seth Morrison Pro Model and a Seth Morrison 3-Finger Pro.).Please email your image to

Deadline is Friday, November 6. 



The winner! Daniel will receive two pairs of Hestra Pro Model Seth Morrison Gloves.To read the details of the contest, click here.

Top Five Seth Morrison Look Alikes

We asked for your Seth look-a-like photos to win two pairs of Seth Morrison Pro Model gloves. Here are our favorite five, including the winner Daniel Loots. Daniel says he had to dye his hat, borrow his girlfriend's hair extensions, and pierce his eyebrow. We are sure the Hestra gloves will be worth the effort this winter.

Honorable Mention: Seth Morrison

Five Question Interview: Seth Morrison

Seth Morrison is featured in the new TGR film, Re:Session, and just signed on with a new sponsor, We spoke to him about Christmas shopping, early season groomers, and what it feels like to jump into a pile of foam.

Chris Tatsuno

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Skier Superpipe to be Included at X Games

Two new events—male skier superpipe and snowmobile knockout—are added to the roster for the 2010 Winter X Games, planned for January 28-31 at Buttermilk in Aspen, Colorado. Plans don’t yet include women’s superpipe. We asked X Games competitor Jess Cummings why.

Redommain Peak

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Photo Contest: Win Three Days of Catskiing

Submit your favorite skiing photo to Spy Optics and win three days of catskiing with BC’s Powder Cowboy Catskiing from March 11 to 14, 2010.