Thirsty Thursday | Patagonia's Long Root Ale

It's thirsty, we're Thursday.
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Location: Portland, Oregon

IBUs: n/a

ABV: 5.5 %

Hops: Organic Northwest hops.

Malt: Sure seems to have some malt flavor.

Awards: Most talked about beer this month.

Number of beers drunk during this review: All four tallboys.

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Photo: Monica Purington

Patagonia has made all the adventure gear needed thus far, so it's only natural for them to have collaborated on a Patagonia branded beer.

Made in collaboration with Hopworks Urban Brewery in Portland, Oregon, the Long Root Ale is made from a newly developed perennial wheat grass, Kernza. Unlike annual grains, Kernza doesn't require as much fertilizer, tilling or water, making it more sustainable.

Whatever this Kernza stuff is, we like it. This beer is delicious. A Northwest-Style Pale Ale it is bursting with enough citrus hop flavor to be interesting and balanced perfectly with it's slight maltiness. The Kernza, used for the first time commercially in this beer, adds a slight spiciness to the finish like a swift kick in the...

Our main takeaways from this beer is you will definitely look trendy as all hell drinking it at the trailhead and you will be forever grateful they decided to make it a tallboy. Who doesn't love a tallboy.

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Photo: Monica Purington

Find the Patagonia Long Road Ale at a location near you (if you live on the West Coast).



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