Tim Petrick

All Stars 0204

The King of Toys, 48

Tim Petrick has spent his last 40 years in the snow business (PSIA Demo Team member, associate publisher at Powder magazine, CEO of Olin, COO at Booth Creek Ski Holdings), but his face beams with the kind of energy that a guy half his age would pop a pill for. As the vice president of sales for K2 Sports, Petrick kept the last of the big American ski companies in business by boostering the industry-altering K2 Four and later brought a sexy American aesthetic to everything from women's skis to chrome-and-leather ski poles. "Sliding downhill isn't a cure for AIDS or the SARS virus, but helping people recreate is important. If I can help people be joyful for a couple days or weeks a year…what, that isn't good enough?

The Vision: "Some of these alternative sliding devices we're working on will stick, just like snowboards stuck. There will be snow bikers and directional tubes on the hill. It'll be a more fun place.