Top 5 Eastern Brewpubs


1.) Alchemist Pub & Brewery

Waterbury, VT

I git dizzy watchin' that artsy-fartsy mobile hangin' from the ceiling. So I just stare into my glass of Holy Cow IPA. And the one after that. And… The pizza's fine too.

2.) Brouemont

Bromont, QC

It's a bitch gittin' over the border with long hair, the Duster, and an "Ass, Gas, or Grass" bumper sticker. But the Scotch Ale up here is worth the pat-down. Especially when I score one of them cute Canadian border guards.

3.) Lake Placid Pub & Brewery

Lake Placid, NY

No gourmet hash here, just pub food and good beer, like Ubu Ale. It's about the only thing President Clinton and I agree on. After he came by in '02, he ordered a buncha growlers to go.

4.) Stone Coast Brewing Company

Bethel, ME

Even in January, I can sip my Sunday River Alt outside by the fire pit. All their brews are California-style ales, meanin' they got taste 'n' color and, if I drink enough of 'em, I start sayin', "I'm baaaack."

5.) Woodstock Inn Station & Brewery

North Woodstock, NH

Like my prize sow, Pigs Ear brown ale has been named Grand Champion, except this ribbon came from the U.S. Beer Tasting Championships, not the Bumchuck County Fair.


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