Travails of a World (C?) Cupper


Vail's Sarah Schleper was on a hot streak on the World Cup when she returned to her hometown for a little R&R in mid January. Fresh from a pair of top-20 finishes in Europe, there was some extra bounce in the 20-year-old's step.

So, while on a photo shoot with the Vail Trail, Schleper and a friend stripped to the waist for a little extra media exposure. The shot, black barred to show no more than a bikini would, ran on the paper's front page, and the nipple, er, ripple effects were instantaneous.

Many readers accused Schleper of poor judgment and the paper of poor taste and yellow journalism. Others lauded the photo as an example of "mountain spirit" and lamented the passing of the good old days.

Even Schleper herself wrote in: "...sometimes you gotta step on boundaries. I apologize to all of you who took the picture as a sinful act. My next cover page will be after a World Cup win, fully clothed."