Trial Run: Big Sky Bistro

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For anyone who -- like me -- considers coffee a vital skiing fluid, the Big Sky Bistro is the ultimate backcountry delivery system. It's an ingenious contraption: a French press fitted into the lid of a plastic thermal coffee mug.

For a satisfying eye-opener when Starbucks is not an option, pour hot water over two to four tablespoons of a medium grind of your preferred beans. Steep four minutes, then depress the plunger to ramrod the full flavor only a press can deliver.

$16/Big Sky Bistro/888-327-9908/


Montana: Come for the militias, stay for the powder. Erik Lovold, gunning through Big Sky.

Private Powder at Big Sky

Starting this winter, Big Sky, Montana, is offering a chance for guided early tram rides at 8 a.m., a whole hour before the masses. We spoke with director of snowsports, Troy Nedved, to see if the program also includes shooting the Howitzer (it doesn't).

Big Sky 2011

Big Sky

It’s not just the sky that’s big; it’s the mountain. There’s the rapidly expanding, hyper-modern village. There’s 11,166-foot Lone Mountain, soaring more than 4,000 feet above the base. There are 50-degree chutes, exposed faces, and miles of low-tuck, high-speed cruisers.