Trip Ideas: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

When you get the call to go to Jackson, you go.
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Jackson Hole, Wyoming (Photo: Cody Downard)

WHY: Do you seriously have to ask? When you get the call to go to Jackson, you go. Life is short: Careers, relationships, and other so-called “real world” responsibilities are only illusions. That pseudo-Zen platitude may not get you your jobs back, but who really cares?

WHAT: It is entirely possible to ski for days at JHMR by skipping the inbounds and heading straight out the gates for lap after lap of backcountry bliss and come-to-Jesus moments of sheer terror. And next season, the new Teton lift will make it easier to access serious terrain in Granite Canyon.

WHERE: Ski straight up to the Mangy Moose, imbibe, and stumble to a bed or sticky floor at The Hostel, just across the way. You, my friends, have arrived.

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