TUNESday: Julian Carr

Julian Carr shares what he shreds to.
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Julian Carr TUNESday

Julian Carr has a serious hucking habit. He's known for blasting off big cliffs and going inverted off many of them. He also started a headwear company called Discrete, and loves writing. He's one of skiing's rennisance men. We caught up with him for this week's TUNESday to ask a few questions and find out what kind of music inspires someone who inspires others.

Skiing: What kind of music do you normally listen to while skiing?

Julian Carr: I love jazzy hip-hop instrumentals the most. Flowing but energetic.

SK: Hands down favorite place to ski? Because?

JC: Utah. Best snow in the world. AK, Andes, Alps and BC are a close 2nd...

SK: Would you rather spend a day skiing ice with your friends, or shredding pow by yourself? Why?

JC: POW. It's an experience you couldn't possibly even comprehend if it didn't exist. Ice on the other hand, you can comprehend - no fun. You can always have fun with your friends wherever you are.

SK: Who would win in a fight, Davy Crockett or Captain Jack Sparrow? Why?

JC: Crockett. No question. Dude fought bears. Jack Sparrow had to hang out on a pirate boat with 100 other dudes all the time, no thanks.

SK: You never get to go inverted again. Do you: 1.Up your daffy game? 2.Attempt to beat Jon Olson in ski racing? 3.Find out if inverts in video games still count?

JC: Daffy twister spread all day long...

Shredding the Face Off the Mountain Mix:

So Bad It's the Shit Mix:

Bustin' Out Emails On Five Cups of Coffee Mix:

For REAL Top Five Mix:

The Julian Carr Super Player:

Pop-Out Player


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