TUNESday: Keri Herman

Slopestyle slayer Keri Herman shares what she shreds to.
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Keri Herman

Keri Herman’s rapid rise in the competitive slopestyle arena is nothing short of amazing. The 29-year old hit her first rail at the not-so-tender age of 21. Only eight-year later she’s managed to go from a skiing novice to stomping her way to podiums in the X-Games, Dew Tour, and the FIS World Championships. We let Dash Longe interview her because her playlist had us too busy booty shaking. Yep. Booty-shaking music is just fine here at Skiing.

Dash Longe: Is it true that you didn’t get into skiing until your college years? What’s the story behind that and when did you actually start skiing? 

Keri Herman: Yep, pretty much! I skied a bit when I was really young, but I didnt hit my first rail and jump until I was 21. I played hockey growing up and didnt have any time to do anything else. Then when I moved to CO for college I casually picked up skiing.

DL:Hot Dog or Ski Patrol

KH: Ski Patrol! I used to watch it when I was little and I thought it would be awesome to be a ski patroller haha

DL: Since you’re a bad ass at both, which is harder on your body, freeskiing or hockey? 

KH: Haha, freeskiing for sure! I never had any injuries playing hockey except for a few bumps and bruises. I wish I could wear my hockey gear on the mountain sometimes!

DL: Hands down, who do you think has the best style in the game right now? 

KH: Well Dash, that’s you of course! And maybe Adam Delorme as a close second.

DL: What other iconic sports figures do you admire outside of winter sports?

KH: From little kids to adults, I am inspired by anyone who keeps a positive attitude and works hard to achieve their goals.

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Not bad for a girl who spent two winters on the bench with a slew of injuries. I had a big impact crash and split my pancreas in half. It was a random, freak thing. I was in the hospital for two weeks and had pancreatic surgery. I didn’t ski for nine months. Right when I came back, I tore my ACL and meniscus and had to take another year off. I’ve also dislocated my shoulder. One day, I’d like to get into sports medicine. I can relate to a lot of athletes from having a lot of major injuries.

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