TUNESday: Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson might actually spend more time in the air than he does on the snow. He’s no stranger to huge crashes and big airs. When winter lets up, Wilson doesn’t. His summer projects are just as wild. We let last week’s TUNESday athelte Keri Herman do the interview, because we were too busy watching all of his YouTube videos to get any work done. 

Keri Herman: You have so many extreme interests. Besides skiing, what other crazy activities do you like to do?

Mike Wilson: I’m into fun. I’m super into soccer, but love almost any extreme or action sport. I like combining knowledge to create new ideas and things other people haven’t done before. Miles Daisher and I just filmed the beginning of a new sport called “Human Archery” involving flying squirrel suits through a paper bullseye.

KH: You’re one of the biggest daredevils out there, what have you done that has scared you the most?

MW: Fell in love. I didn’t mean to, but for the first time in my life I lost focus and wasn’t in total control.

KH: Who do you look up to most in the ski industry?

MW: Jason Levinthal and Mike Nick. They just get it. I’ve known them literally my entire career, and the more people I meet the more I wish J and Mike ran everything in skiing. I love their vision and passion. If you ever get a chance to talk with either of them listen, take notes, whatever.. just pay attention, you’ll learn a lot.

KH: What was your first pair of skis?

MW: I have no idea. My parents had me on skis before my earliest memory, and I can’t reach them to ask. Probably the same as my older sisters though. The first skis I had from Line were the Kicker. Then the Mike Nick Promodel 142, then The 153.

KH: Would you rather climb a tree infested with snakes and spiders, or stand in a bathtub of leaches and smash worms into your hair like shampoo?

MW: I love climbing trees! I like snakes and spiders too. I don’t think I’d mind either, am I trying out for Fear Factor? 

I’ve been on a hard rock kick recently, so my favorite band at the moment is Kattywompus. You should just buy their albums. The songs on this list come from a random selection.

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