The Ultimate Mountain Gig

The Canyons, in Park City, Utah, is offering up what truly may be the best job in ski country.
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In an announcement that silenced anyone who ever said you can’t make money as a ski bum, The Canyons Resort has changed our perception of jobs in the ski industry. As part of the resort’s “How do you Mountain” campaign, the Park City, Utah resort is accepting applications for a position they are calling the “Ultimate Mountain Gig.” Encompassing nearly every aspect of the ski bum lifestyle, the position boasts a $40,000 salary, a one bedroom suite at The Waldorf Astoria Park City, a season pass with unlimited skiing, VIP credentials for all Canyons events, first tracks (as part of a guided group with early lift access) and the opportunity to go on one heliskiing excursion with Wasatch Powder Birds. If that wasn’t enough, you can blow off the stresses of a hard days work with a complimentary monthly spa treatment. According to Elizabeth Dowd, The Canyons Director of Public Relations, “the idea for the Ultimate Mountain Gig was generated because Canyons is acutely aware of the power of social media and bloggers…we have an opportunity to allow someone a lifestyle that many people would be envious of.”

What’s the catch? Well, there really isn’t one. According to the posted job description, as an employee of The Canyons Resort you will be required to “Blog about your activities at least four times per week with photos and video, attend Canyons events, and participate in monthly Canyons activities.” Staying true to ski bum roots, applicants are asked to respond to the prompt “How do you Mountain” with an answer that encompasses their “physical and emotional relationship with the mountains they live, work, and play in. “

Applications are due by November 15, 2010 and must include a two minute video answering the question “How you Mountain?”

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