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The other kind of backwoods jailbail. Skier: classified.

Shelter from the Storm

A photo gallery of a secret, illegal cabin in the backcountry of British Columbia.

Icefall Lodge, BC

Icefall Lodge, British Columbia

A backcountry touring lodge and home of the 7,500-foot run.

Over the course of three days, guide Karl Salter is able to serve up a smorgasbord of terrain to guests of all abilities. Runs transitioned from open, alpine bowls, to steep tree runs. For the adventurous in our group, Karl delivers big-mountain lines and spines that are reminiscent of  coastal British Columbia and Alaska. There are open powder runs, huckable cliff drops, and plenty of tree jibs to keep the youth in the group stoked.

K3 Cat Ski, BC

Previously called Monashee Snowcats, British Columbia's K3 Cat Skiing is back with a new name and all the same features, including 50-degree pitches, 33,000 acres of terrain, and piles of fresh powder. Here's how to plan a trip there.

Island Lake Lodge action

Untracked Line: Island Lake Lodge, BC

Just like its neighbor, Fernie, only not at all.


Untracked Line: Retallack Lodge Cat-Skiing

A remote cat-skiing operation deep within British Columbia's Selkirk Range.

Bella Coola thumb

Untracked Line: Bella Coola

One of B.C.’s most accessible heli ops lords over a white wilderness half the size of New Jersey.


Ski Hard, Relax Hard at Skoki Lodge

We brought our snorkels to Lake Louise’s Skoki Lodge and found way more than deep snow.

After an epic day of skiing on New Year’s Eve, the Cariboo guides declared it was the best early season snow they could remember (this from a group of grizzled guides who collectively share over 100 years of experience). It was only day three of the 2009-2010 season.

Six Reasons to Go Heli-Skiing

Not that you needed any. But here are the six best things about booking a trip to CMH’s Cariboo Lodge in BC. By Kelley McMillan