The Sport of SkiMo: Uphill Race Gear For All

The gear that a novice SkiMo racer uses that will help every type of skier.
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On more than one occasion, I’ve heard a number of people compare SkiMo racers to cyclists. They wear spandex, love carbon in their hardgoods, and get really excited about skinny equipment. Meanwhile, everyone else who skis (or rides a bike) recreationally enjoys wider, heavier, and more universally usable products. As my training and racing project has gone on, however, I find myself getting excited about carbon-infused boots and superlight minimalistic tech bindings. Doing uphill/downhill laps on groomers with 65mm-waisted skis can be a little boring, but taking the same skis on icy mogul fields is a challenging adventure (and even, in a certain sense, fun). As I gain respect for the racers I can’t keep up with as I train for the Power of Four, I'm also gaining respect for much of the equipment I have been using. Here are some of the products I have been testing that have uses beyond SkiMo, and every skier can learn to love.

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