Vail Snow Daze

EVE 6 and a few other more well known bands, like the Barenaked Ladies, are playing free shows in Vail this week and weekend.

Right after my girlfriend told me about the EVE 6 show pieces of song lyrics started to pop into my head. I hadn’t listened to their music in years, but memories tied to the their most popular tune bombarded my mind. I was in high school. No, middle school. It was on alternative radio all the time. I loved the guitar riff. “What’s the name of the song of theirs I know?” “Inside Out,” my girlfriend said. As soon as I was near a computer, I found it on YouTube (see below). Three seconds in and I was already singing along. They’re playing in Vail?

Yes. EVE 6 will kick off the free, four-day music lineup for the early-season Vail Mountain party Vail Snow Daze on Thursday at 7 p.m. at Checkpoint Charlie in the village. Other, more well known bands will perform during the weekend. The rock super group Yukon Kornelius plays Friday night. The Barenaked Ladies will perform Saturday night, and Robert Randolph and the Family Band will end the weeklong party with a show on Sunday.

“Vail Snow Daze’s musical line-up is fantastic,” said James Deighan of Highline Sports, the company that books the music acts. “These bands are going to absolutely kill it here in Vail. We’re thrilled to host them.”

In addition to the free concerts, Vail Snow Daze also includes a Dummy Demolition Derby—where teams send a snow-riding dummy off a giant kicker and are judged on biggest air, style, take off and landing, and crowd response—a Snuggie pub crawl, and a camera phone contest.

Check out the Vail Snow Daze website for a schedule of events