Veiled Vixen Strawberry Wheat

It's Thirsty, I'm thursday.
Declaration Brewing

Geek Out

Location: Denver, Colorado

IBUs: 30

ABV: 4.6 %

Style: Wheat

Awards: It will get your girlfriend drunk award.

Number of beers drunk during this review: 2.5

It is called a Strawberry Wheat for a reason. The Veiled Vixen is sassy with its strawberry flavor, but the fruit forward sweetness doesn’t overpower this beer's ability to be refreshing and finish like a delicate wheat beer. Yes, yup, we did just say delicate, but men you’ll enjoy this too with it’s slight hop over yeast character, it packs a punch and we know how you like that.

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Back at the car after an exceptional powder day? Want something refreshing but all the PBR is skunked? Grab this no extract vixen and take her for a ride, you’ll be glad you did.

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Curious as to where you can try it for yourself? Find it on tap or in cans here.

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