Wacky Races Tap Into Creative Side of Skiing


Couches, cardboard boxes, shovels, and guys in suits flying down the ski hill? It may sound like a wacky episode of "You Can't Do That on Television" but across the country ski areas are holding crazy races that definitely tap into the imaginative side of skiing.

Angel Fire, NM--World Shovel Race Championships 2/4-2/6/00
In its 27th year, the World Shovel Race Championship attracts the crazies that wish to race down the mountain on a scoop concoction. Some of the more aerodynamic shovel models have been clocked over 75 mph. That's pretty speedy as far as driveway tools go. For more information call 505-377-4237.

Arapahoe Basin, CO--KBCO Cardboard Box Derby, 2/5/00
Using only paper, tape, string, glue and cardboard competitors craft a form of cardboard transportation fit to fly down the ski hill. Sharks, hot tubs, submarines and dragons have appeared to compete. For more information call: 970-468-0718.

Big Mountain, MT--Furniture Race, 4/8/00
At Big Mountain, people don't look twice when they see a couch zip past them on the slopes. So, grab that old Lazy-Boy nail it to a pair of skis and see what happens! In this 30-year-old event anything goes. It has seen the likes of coffins, toilets and other furniture racing down the course. Maybe a kitchen sink would work...? For more information call: 406-862-2911.

Copper Mountain, CO--Eenie Weenie Bikini Contest, 4/8/00
One of the lesser competitive events of the bunch, the bold can strut their stuff down the slopes, judged by style and costume. Get out the microscope for those tiny bikinis and you can't miss the creative costumes like-canoe outfits. For more information call: 970-968-2882.

Loon Mountain, NH--Briefcase Downhill Race 3/4/00
This dual slalom competition features men and women racing in their workday best with a briefcase in hand. All proceeds benefit the Faulkner Breast Cancer Research Fund. Call 603-745-8111 for more information.

Steamboat, CO--Cowboy Downhill, 1/18/00
For a boot scootin' good ole time. Come to Steamboat and watch professional cowboys strap on skis-probably for the first time- and race down a course, go over a jump, lasso a cowgirl, saddle a horse, and cross the finish line, in their full western regalia. Call 970-879-6111 for more info.

If you know of any more please email us at: editor@skinet.com.