Warren Miller's Cold Fusion Goes Big


Boulder, CO, Oct. 29, 2001–For the 52nd year in a row, Warren Miller Entertainment premiers a fresh snow-spectacle, combining daredevil stunts, innovative cinematography, and exotic locales to create the impressive concoction known as

Cold Fusion

. This year’s flick features two world record-breaking stunts: a “quad-quad” (four back flips with four twists) by US team member Matt Chojnacki and a 41 second free fall by B.A.S.E. jumper Dave Barlia off the north face of the Swiss Eiger.

Did I mention breathtaking scenery in extraordinary locations? Who knew you could ski in Kenya or Iran? Certainly not I, but the poignancy discovered by athletes such as Justine Von Houte, Chris Anthony, Spencer Wheatley, and Kristin Lignell are sure to inspire a desire for further empathy as readily as they get your adrenaline pumping.

After seeing the insane style of the idolatrous scene in Verbier, Switzerland with Glen Plake, Shane Szocs, Seth Morrison, and Doug Coombs, you’ll never again doubt a professional skier’s classification of “athlete.”

The most insightful and demonstrative scene comes from Whistler, B.C., where bungling journalist John Teaford, interviews legend Eric Pehota at his home setting, complete with pecking chickens and ripping children!

As always, this year’s film features a great soundtrack, melding old skool and new as smoothly as the scenes shift from rail-riding to big mountain. Some of the more recognizable names include Frank Black, Johnny Cash, Dave Matthews, Jurassic 5, Nelly Furtado, G. Love, The String Cheese Incident, and the Foo Fighters.

More likely than not, Cold Fusion will hit a hip theater near you. Check out the schedule and theatrical trailer With mountains opening all over the country and temperatures dropping, one thing is for certain: after seeing this movie, you will want to ski!