Wasabi Sushi Bar, Whitefish

Landlocked sushi? Absolutely. Wasabi is the place for quality raw fish in Whitefish.

Wasabi Sushi Bar; Whitefish, Montana
It seems like every landlocked mountain town has a surprisingly good sushi joint, and Whitefish is no different. If you’re in town, check out Wasabi Sushi Bar on 2nd Street. It has the usual sushi fare—fresh sashimi, nigiri, and inventive rolls—plus grilled selections, like steak skewers and Thai basil chicken, for those who don’t dig the whole raw-fish thing. One of the more unusual dishes is the buffalo octopus appetizer. Imagine those sticky octopus toys you used to throw against the wall as a kid but covered in a spicy buffalo sauce. Wasabi’s casual atmosphere means showing up in your ski gear isn’t a big deal. 419 2nd St E, Whitefish; wasabimt.com


The Bierstube

Packed by four every afternoon, The Bierstube (or just "The 'Stube") is the premiere après scene in all of Whitefish.

Lobar; Crested Butte, Colorado

Best Ski-Town Sushi

Despite the fact that most ski towns are land-locked, many of them have world-class sushi. And there's something about raw fish and powder skiing—they go together nicely. Here's a round up of the best sushi restaurants in ski towns across North America.