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Welch Village

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Located in southeastern Minnesota along the Cannon River and just 15 minutes from the Mississippi and its beautiful river bluffs, Welch Village Resort draws largely on the metropolitan populations of Minneapolis/St. Paul to the north and Rochester to the south. Much of this population is only 45 minutes away. Other than locals, guests also come from the Des Moines, IA, Madison, WI, Sioux Falls, SD, and Fargo, ND.

Beginning with 6 runs, a T-bar and rope tow in 1965, Welch Village has expanded to 50 runs on three mountains and eight chairlifts; 3 quads, 1 triple, and 4 doubles, a handle tow and Magic Carpet lift.


After getting settled, we head out to explore, skinning past the bear-frequented waste-management shed at the edge of town, past the hydroelectric dam on Copper Creek, and up to the mine entrance (it’s closed). The snow down low is wet and heavy, and visibility nonexistent, but as we head up into Copper Basin, a brief opening in the clouds gives us a tantalizing peek at the terrain I’d been imagining skiing for years.

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