What do you love?

Yeah, we all love skiing. Obviously. That’s why we’re here. For the face shots and the glory and the self-congratulatory après stories. But it’s really the little things that make it.

The Northwest. Colorado can keep its destination resorts. Utah can keep its trademarked snow. And Jackson can keep its hype. I’ll happily trade all of that for local hills on steep mountains, endless tree skiing, a deep snowpack, and people so nice you’ll think they’re Canadian. The Northwest has the best skiing in the US. Period.–Kevin Luby, Assistant Editor

Memories: I love skiing memories, like the time my father tried to show me how to blast out of the starting gate like the World Cup racers do. I was a wide-eyed six-year-old, still convinced my father was a superhero. I stood awestruck to the side of the start ramp as he described each phase with great solemnity: Focus your mind…move your legs to keep them loose…set your poles carefully over the wand…wait for the count…racer ready…5, 4, 3, 2, 1, go! On “go,” he threw his 220-pound frame forward, double-ejected from his skis, and somersaulted down the ramp. That may have been the first time I realized my father was human.-Sam Bass, Editor

Slow-Moving Double Chairs: Specifically, A-Basin’s Pali Chair, which is the universe’s most perfect combination of access, gaper scoping, and hangout time. I also really like to drop “hey, are you single?” in the lift line. Because it works EVERY time.-Heather Hansman, Online Editor

High Fives: I love high fives. I usually distribute an average of 15 high fives on a given ski day. These aren’t artificial high fives, I’m genuinely excited to be giving them out. I love skiing because it makes me want to give out genuine high fives.-Tucker Neary, Video Editor

Tele Turns. Seven years ago I found myself at the bottom of Bridger Bowl staring up at an overnight snow report of 30 inches. Due to extenuating circumstances, my alpine gear was trapped in another state so I armed myself with my mom’s old K2 Four’s remounted with G3 bindings. Remember the rain scene in The Notebook when Rachel McAdams jumps into Ryan Gosling’s arms and they realize they always loved each other? The day went kind of like that and I haven’t made many alpine turns since. -Kevin Luby, Assistant Editor

People Watching: The best arena for observing others is undoubtedly while skiing.If you don’t agree with me, you are a liar. -Tucker Neary, Video Editor

Secret stashes: It’s super frustrating when you get stuck in the mass migration towards a certain part of the hill on a powder day. There’s nothing better than finding a spot that’s not on anyone else’s radar that day and skiing laps on it while everyone else fights over the same staple powder runs.-Keri Bascetta, Photo Editor

Credit Card Air: AKA jumping off shit that isn’t very big and feeling really pleased about it. Cat tracks, the last bump of a run, stumps that in a better snow year would be covered up, very tiny cliffs: all fair game. Extra points for the look back and claim. Extra extra points if a small child tries to hit it after you.-Heather Hansman, Online Editor

Skiing in the Midwest.Chairs are slow, snow is hard, temps are frigid, runs are short, but the people are great. It’s encouraging when everyone changes in the only lodge, leaves their ski bags under a picnic table and returns for lunch only to find everything right where they left it. It’s inviting to new skiers who aren’t spoiled by the snow and sun out West, and teaches you to appreciate the sport for what it is: fun.-Ryan Dionne, Skiing Business

Chairlift Beers:I love that I have an excuse to drink a beer at 9AM because I’m outside and exercising. I love this because breakfast beer in the mountains tastes delicious and usually leads to an interesting day. Pete Coors wouldn’t have marketed the Rocky Mountain’s if this weren’t true, thanks Pete.- Tucker Neary, Video Editor

The Perfect Walk-Up Song:In skiing, as in baseball, as in life, how you present yourself to the fans is a big part of the game. So if I can roll in to the parking lot blasting, for instance, this, I’m pretty much guaranteed to have a good day.-Heather Hansman, Online Editor