The lower 48’s highest peak is often a training ground for mountaineers looking to conquer higher peaks, but that doesn’t mean that with some skills or a guide it can still be attainable for savvy backcountry skiers.

Where to Ski in August

August is when the itch gets the worst. Hot, lazy days lose their shine. The buzz of the air conditioner starts to burn your eardrums. And winter feels SO far away. And it is, but a plane ticket or a long hike could change that. Here’s where you can get your midsummer fix.

Want to take time off like a U.S. ski teamer? Hawaii’s the spot. Julia Mancuso lives on Maui in the off-season, and Bode Miller attempted an ill-fated professional tennis career there. Plus, if you’re not over skiing yet, you can tackle Jaws on skis like Chuck Patterson.

Where to go for Mud Season

It’s officially mud season, which means it’s time to get out of the mountains and head somewhere warm till the snow melts and the bike trails open up. We’ve got deserts, beaches, and rivers on our mind.