Where to Eat in Mammoth: Whoa Nellie Deli

The best food you'll ever find inside a gas station.
Our Favorite Gas Stations

You’ve never seen a gas station quite like this before. If you’re driving to Mammoth from the north on Highway 395, you’ll pass a Mobile gas station in the tiny town of Lee Vining, near the shores of Mono Lake. Inside this Mobile station, you’ll find the Whoa Neli Deli, where chef Matt Toomey whips up fish tacos with ginger coleslaw, mango salsa, and Brazilian black beans. The menu also includes such specialties as wild buffalo meatloaf, lobster taquitos, and herb crusted grilled pork tenderloin. They offer wine tasting (yes, there is a wine tasting inside a gas station—bring a designated driver), live music on Thursdays and Sundays, and fishing supplies. And, of course, you can get your usual gas station cuisine of chips, candy, and soda. But why bother when lobster taquitos are on the menu?