Where to Eat in Tahoe: Garwoods and Riva Grill

For steak, lake views, and fruity cocktails, head to Garwoods on Tahoe's north shore, or Riva Grill, on the south shore.
Wet Woody

Although Garwoods, located lakeside on Tahoe’s north shore, is primarily a summertime destination—you can dock your boat at the pier and stroll in for a meal—it’s still a nice place to visit mid-winter (and it’s less crowded). They serve brunch, lunch, and dinner. Go for dinner, and order the orange-soy glazed ahi tuna or the rum peppercorn rib eye. You won’t want to miss their signature Wet Woody cocktail, a buzz-inducing concoction of rum and fruity juices (have two and you’ll need to call a cab home). Garwoods’ sister restaurant on Tahoe’s south shore is called the Riva Grill—it serves up the same delicious food and scenic views of the lake.