Where to Ski in Tahoe: Kirkwood

Kirkwood is off the grid—literally. Go strictly for the skiing.
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Kirkwood to Santa Cruz, CA

Here’s the thing about Kirkwood: The ski area is off the grid—literally, it’s powered by generators (they’re working on building wind turbines to create energy as well). It’s an hour drive to pretty much anywhere and there’s little to no nightlife at the ski area. So you’ll go here for the skiing, and the skiing alone. But you won’t be disappointed. There’s a reason the World Freeskiing Tour makes a stop here: You’ll find scary steeps, deep powder, and not a soul in sight. The best places to ski? Take Cornice Express to Sentinel Bowl and look for caves near Cave Rock. Then head up The Wall and drop skier’s right into Norm’s Nose, which has short but fun rolling terrain. www.kirkwood.com


FWT Kirkwood

Freeskiing World Tour: Kirkwood, California

The Freeskiing World Tour has traveled to its second-to-last stop for this winter: Kirkwood, California. The big-mountain competition is taking place on the permanently closed Cirque terrain. Here is video from day one of the event.