Who Earns What?

It's taboo to ask how much others make. So we asked. Here's how much (or how little) some ski-industry professionals are making.*

Vail Resorts CEO Rob Katz: $0
(for this year)

Average pro skier: $3,000 from sponsors, plus gear and travel budgets

Heli guide at Points North Heli Adventures: $12,000, plus room, board, and tips

Bootfitter at Aspen’s Surefoot:$7,000 before commission

Race coach at Jackson Hole Ski Club: $7,200

Ski patroller at Middlebury Snow Bowl: $7,900

Snowcat operator at Vail: $9,600

Ski-graphic designer: $15,000 for 10 designs

International Olympic Committee Chief Operating Officer Norman Bellingham: $663,369 (in 2008)

*Many of these figures reflect earnings only over the ski season.