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Wide and Wonderful: Chubby Twin-Tips


Got your eye on that gap jump? Or maybe your idea of fun is packing lunch, cameras and a couple of shovels, finding a good backcountry landing zone and building the sickest kicker you can. But remember, safety first: Always let a friend go before you to check the angles. And sure, they huck, but do these skis handle well in powder? Absolutely. But in this case, make sure you're the one who drops in first, or you'll be eating your twin-tipped buddy's rooster tail.

A Atomic Stomp118-88-108$725

B Head Mad_Trix Mojo125-90-118$675

C K2 Seth Pistol128-95-118$750

D K2 Kahuna137-108-127$725

E Line Mothership127-97-117$775

F Nordica Beast 12 TT124-92-116$875

G Rossignol Scratch BC120-90-115$729

H Salomon Pocket Rocket122-90-115$795

I Volant Spatula120-125-115$899

J Völkl Gotama130-105-122$695