Will any of the current ski stars become legends?

Ask Dr. Flake

In the '80s, you could identify the relevant ski heroes—Hattrup, Coombs, Cummings—by catching the credits of a Greg Stump film. But then Glen Plake and Scot Schmidt made off-piste skiing so cool that freeskiers began sprouting like dandelions. Now, the Doctor can't even count all the freeskier cliques on one glove—jibbers, big-mountain honchos, X Gamers, expeditioners, freeheel geeks, ski-resort "ambassadors, and film skiers (each company has its own posse). Still, some current stars will keep shining. Seth Morrison's signature-model skis, Crayola hair, and catlike acrobatics make him hard to forget. Shane McConkey's nude back flips, alter ego (that's Saucer Boy to you), and ski BASE jumps will likely give his celebrity long legs. But, in literal terms, he'll need a mohawk to ever be as big as Plake.

September 2005


McConkey...Shane McConkey

Skiing Will Never Be The Same: The Life and Death of Shane McConkey

On the surface, there was the nose picking on camera, the scatological humor, the pranks, and the endless self-mockery. But Shane McConkey was no lightweight. He revolutionized skiing three times—challenging what we ski, how we ski, and even how we think about skiing. So when cinematographers, ski manufacturers, and skiers wanted to predict the future, they looked to him. After a tragic accident this past spring, skiers came to one conclusion: Skiing Will Never Be The Same.