Win for Ski Movie Diversity

There's a new movie out called Tanner Hall. But it's not what you think it is: no X Games, no reggae, and no skiing. Instead, it's a flick about a fictional, elite boarding school called, you guessed it, Tanner Hall.
Tanner Hall, the Movie

On September 14, a movie called Tanner Hall premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. This movie has nothing to do with the Tanner you know who’s won a few X Games golds and loves reggae. Instead it’s a movie about a fictional elite girls’ boarding school called, you guessed it, Tanner Hall. The title is merely a fortunate coincidence.

But in some ways, the poetic yet scandalous coming of age story showcased in the movie sounds oddly familiar to that of pre-pubescent jibbing culture.

“Anything worth anything is both terrifying and beautiful,” says the earnest voice of the female narrator in the movie’s opening. The aesthetic juxtaposition of these two emotions was painfully clear to anyone who ever watched Tanner’s infamous attempt at Chad’s Gap in 2005.

“It’s like the first time that you do something that you know is wrong. You know it’s wrong, but you do it anyway,” continues the narrator. The first time Tanner woke up one summer morning at Mt. Hood circa 2003 and decided to rock an oversized basketball jersey and a face bandanna he might not have anticipated the consequences. The park skiing community is to this day awkwardly fumbling in faux-hip-hop limbo from one wrong decision.

One thing is for sure: I would highly recommend it over The Massive, a film about Tanner Hall (the skier).


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Jackson Hole, Wyoming-based KGB Productions has a new ski movie out next fall called Wyoming Triumph. Check out the film trailer below, and our interivew with KGB producer Sam Pope on the next few slides.Most ski films travel all over the world to get footage. But you stayed in Wyoming. Why was that? Sam Pope: This concept developed over several years of taking small trips here and there around Wyoming, including  the Wind Rivers, the Wyoming Range, the Snake River Range, the Gros Ventres, the Absorokas, even the west side of the Tetons. We began to realize that there was something special here. The other part of it is just what you said. Other production companies are going on these insanely exotic ski trips all over the world. We want to make the point that we have terrain that good, right here in our backyard of Wyoming. Kind of a "keep it local" thing. The skiing just as good, but the experience is a little more organic. And that's important to us. 

Wyoming Triumph Ski Movie to Debut Fall 2010

Jackson Hole, Wyoming-based KGB Productions has a new ski movie out next fall called Wyoming Triumph, which is all shot in their backyard—the Tetons. We spoke to KGB's Sam Pope about making a local ski movie and how they got the film sponsored by a whiskey company.


Another Zombie Movie

Yes, we are all sick of zombies movies and yes, producers are still creating then. Surprisingly, adding German Nazi officers and a snowy setting in Dead Snow impressed people at the Sundance Film Festival last winter.

Retallack thumb

Retallack: The Movie

There's nothing more refreshing than a blast of winter, especially in the yawning warmth of spring. Tanner Hall and his crew are here to help.

What do you think of ski movies today? All ski movies are the same. Even when they say they’re revolutionary. None of them have a plot. They jump off something big, they go to meet with other cool people like themselves. Where is the fat guy skiing? Where are the beginners falling off chairlifts? Where is the slapstick humor that made ski movies so good in the past?   So you decided to make one that’s better than all the rest? There’s a lot of pain in the ski industry right now, both on the resort side and the manufacturing side. We had this global economic meltdown, declining revenues, draught. It seems like one misery after the other. We need a joke. Cheap Ski Movie’s tagline is ‘It’s a movie for the times. Hard times.’ (click to the next slide for the rest of the interview)

Cheap Ski Movie

Jack Turner, a Durango, Colorado-based filmmaker, decided to create a spoof ski movie—picture Wayne’s World meets Warren Miller. The result? Cheap Ski Movie, a comic documentary-style take on ski porn that will tour the country next fall. We spoke to Turner about heli-skiing in Massachusetts and how to make a ski movie for under $60,000 (hint: use cardboard).

Hostile Cell

Meet Martin, a Swedish ski photographer/metalhead

Martin Soderqvist lives the life: powder stashes and rock and roll. The Swedish ski photographer also happens to be the lead singer and guitarist of Hostile Cell, an all-Swede metal band formed in 2006.