Working for the Weekend Trailer

A series of edits from Meathead Films and Ben Leoni features the Northeast’s pow, ice, and backcountry lines.
Skiing Mag: Working For The Weekend

Ben Leoni, a Meathead Films veteran, lives in Portland, Maine. He holds down a career and the daily office grind. In between piles of paperwork, he dreams of weekends skiing in the mountains. He made those dreams reality. 

He skied the Northeast in Winter 2013 without the aid of chairlifts. Showcasing legendary backcountry zones as well as hidden gems around New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine, "Working For The Weekend" is a first-of-its-kind web series in the region. From deep powder to treacherous ice, Ben and his crew embody the "earn your turns" mantra for the East Coast.

See the trailer here:

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