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Your Badolescent Self

Send us your best adolescent shredding shots and win a color-coordinated ski outfit.
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Captain Extreme

I just dug this photo out of my dusty old bin of jpegs. It's my friend Sander when he was in 6th grade or so, sometime in the 80s, somewhere in the Rockies. My guess is he worked really hard for this shot, hucking himself silly over and over until he knew he'd have something good to show his bros back in Mass. It raised a number of questions for me, like:

  • Why did he/we think it was ever OK to wear a teal ensemble? Did he purposefully accessorize his boots and poles?Really, what is the purpose of pole straps?How high was the "cliff"? 15 feet? 3 feet? My guess is that the landing is only just beyond the bottom of the frame, but that he asked the photographer to crop it out to make it look like it could be huge.
  • Why did Dynafit start/cease making alpine ski boots?
  • What the hell is he doing with his face?
  • Whatever happened to the once-ubiquitous anorak? You just don't see them on the slopes anymore.

It also reminded me that there are probably tons of hilarious shots of all of us from our various adolescent ski adventures. Don't let these classics languish unseen. Email the dorkiest you've got to When I have a critical mass, I'll build a gallery here on He or she who submits the best shot shall win a color-coordinated ski ensemble (jacket and pants or a one-piece). I can't promise it will be a classic Columbia outfit like Sander's, but I'll do my best.

Let us want this.

Oh, and Sander, perhaps you could provide some commentary on this photo using the comment function below. What, it's not letting you post? Click here to set up your very own user account and then you can respond. Thanks.

Your friend,

Sam Bass, Senior Editor, Skiing Magazine


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