Get Ready to Go Big This Season

Looking to get stoked for ski season? Watch the pros huck themselves off monster cliffs.

SKI’s Gear Guide is on newsstands (and online), the 69th Warren Miller Entertainment film trailer just dropped, and some peaks are getting their first dusting. It’s official: ski season is coming. It’s time to get amped for the winter, and the best way to get inspired for the turns that lie ahead is to watch amazing skiers throw down on epic terrain. While you wait for this season’s ski movies to hit the silver screens, we recommend reliving last season’s Freeride World Tour highlights. Here’s a quick recap in case you missed them the first time around.

1. Logan Pehota, Kicking Horse

Last season the FWT added a brand new stop to their tour list: Kicking Horse in Golden, B.C. It was only a matter of time before this mountain known for its in-bounds extremes was added to the tour, and it came as no huge surprise that FWT and Canadian favorite Logan Pehota came out on top after nailing one of the biggest cliff drops we’ve seen on the Tour to date.

2. Eva Walkner, Kicking Horse

On the ladies’ side at the same event, it was Austrian Eva Walkner who landed on top of the podium after showing creativity in piecing together a unique and fluid line.

3. Mickael Bimboes, Fieberbrunn, Austria 

Speaking of fluidity, Mickael Bimboes of France is always a must-watch on the Tour. He absolutely barrels down the venues—no holds barred—and his winning run at Fieberbrunn will blow your mind: The guy gaps a gulch. Yes, you read that correctly. Just watch for yourself.

4. Marcus Eder, Xtreme Verbier, Switzerland

And last but definitely not least, at the event where the FWT got its beginnings, Italian FWT-podium regular Markus Eder launches and lands the first nose butter-360 in FWT history off a mega drop at the tail end of his run. Thanks to that stunt he lands a deserving third place at the Verbier comp, and finishes second overall for the entire Tour.

Believe it or not, the 2018-’19 FWT season is shaping up to be even better—one for the books even—with freeskiing legend Tanner Hall  entering the circuit as a wild card, and American Jackie Paaso set to make a comeback after being sidelined for a knee injury last season. Stay tuned for more highlights from this season’s tour on SKI’s Competitions Channel .