Last Chair: Strength and Beauty

Starring in two new ski movies this season, pro skier Sierra Quitiquit is the hottest girl in the industry right now. She’s also, well, just plain hot.

SKI » You grew up racing. Why did you stop? 


S.Q. » I tomahawked into a snow gun. I broke my femur, arm, and ribs. I was 12. My parents were like, “Where are we going to find $150K for surgeries when we’re already eating rice?”

SKI » You didn’t have health insurance?

S.Q. » My parents were very nontraditional.

SKI » Your brother died in a car accident when you were 15. How did you that affect you?

S.Q. » I fell into a dark hole. But I was a fighter. And seeking out what made me happy became really important. That led me to massage therapy, health, wellness, yoga, awareness. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude. Trauma’s inevitable but suffering’s optional. I had to make choices.

SKI » Any conflict between being a strong athlete and a scantily clad fashion model?

S.Q. » I can’t be put in a box. I’m a model, I’m a skier, I’m a girly girl, I’m a tomboy. We all have so many different facets. Why limit yourself?

SKI » Can women skiers can go as big as men?

S.Q. » There is a huge disparity between male and female skiers. A female brain is more analytical. We’re built to be nurturers, worriers. Men attack fear; women shy away from it. Meditation helps me talk myself into things—it gets me into my body and turns my mind off.

SKI » Please tell me you have health insurance.

S.Q. » I have accident insurance. If I get sick, I go to the naturopath. If I blow a knee, yes, I’m covered.

SKI » Your boyfriend [pro skier Julian Carr] also has long hair. Do you guys sometimes just sit around and braid?

S.Q. » Oh my God, no. I never even get to see his—he keeps it wrapped up in a samurai knot. In yoga it’s thought that your hair is an extension of your nervous system. I think it gives me sixth sensibilities in my skiing.


“People always say, ‘Sierra, I have no idea what you just said,’” she says. Here’s a short glossary.

punt a line: send it

tasty nugs: rock features you can jump off; delicious snacks; cute babies

frothing out: getting way too excited

scotschmidtit: make short hop turns on a steep face

centerpunch: ski the gut


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