Lynsey Dyer's First Ever Season Edit

Stay busy, stay distracted.

Lynsey Dyer has always been insightful, creative and a badass skier–but she hasn't shown it in a season edit, ever.

Lynsey Dyer Photo by Stellar Media

She asks the questions we are all thinking, "Will our kids have snow to ski on?" and even includes a voice over clip of Donald Trump talking about grabbing you-know-what. Luckily because it is a ski edit, Lynsey does a great job confronting real world issues with a light heart.

The edit is brought full circle by her concluding, "...who am I to find this much joy in a silly thing called skiing." We can all agree, the world has problems, but we must be thankful for the small joys in life and Lynsey is doing just that.


Lynsey Dyer in Kashmir

What's Lynsey Dyer Up To?

Lynsey Dyer always has multiple irons on the fire. She told us about touring in Chile and Kashmir, why she's back with Rossignol, and how she mixes art with skiing.