'Mikaela: Out of the Gate'

When Mikaela Shiffrin isn’t skiing, she’s talking about skiing.

The 2018-’19 World Cup season may have ended, but Mikaela Shiffrin isn’t done reliving the season’s highlights. And who can blame her? After coming through the finish line of the World Cup finals in Soldeu, Andorra on March 17 with four World Cup Crystal Globes—and wrapping up the most successful World Cup racing season in not just her own career, but in the history of the sport—Shiffrin has plenty of highlights to recount and celebrate.

But Shiffrin only gets a short window to celebrate her success with her team, family, and friends. A week after the World Cup circuit ends, Shiffrin is swept off to New York City to complete another kind of circuit: a media tour. Because here’s the unique thing about Shiffrin: She’s brought a whole new level of national attention to the sport of alpine ski racing, and as a result, the whole country wants to share in her phenomenal success.

“I actually have more media after this season than I did last season—after winning gold [at the Olympics],” says Shiffrin. “For me that’s really exciting because it shows there’s more interest in the sport.”

Shiffrin subsequently uses her appearances on national television shows like The Today Show and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote the sport of ski racing and highlight important issues such as the gender pay gap in professional sports—and how that doesn’t exist in alpine ski racing. Thanks to her record-setting 17 World Cup victories and three World Championship medals this season, Shiffrin earned around $985,280 in prize money, making her the sport’s top earner—male or female.

“That’s actually something I’m super excited about…I’m proud that that’s an opportunity,” Shiffrin tells Fallon on his show. “Ski racing is paving the way in that there is no gender pay gap. It’s cool that I can say I out-earn the men based on my performance because it’s equal pay for equal work. It’s not that I want to be out-earning the men, it’s just that the opportunity is there.”

Check out behind-the-scenes footage of Shiffrin’s public appearances and get a glimpse of her life off the slopes in “Mikaela: Out of the Gate” presented by Ikon Pass

“Mikaela: Out of the Gate”

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