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This fall, Warren Miller Entertainment debuts its 69th annual ski film, continuing a tradition that the late godfather of action-sports films started decades ago. Face of Winter promises to deliver all that WME ski flicks have become known for: jaw-dropping scenery, adrenaline-pumping ski action, and above all, an intimate look at the people and places that make skiing so rad.

In the gallery below, this year’s WME athletes and crew pay tribute to Warren, the original face of winter, and the entertainment legacy he leaves behind. Since Warren would be the first to admit that he may have borrowed one (or many) of his famous, quirky one-liners, we thought it only right to borrow Warren’s words in turn. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


Johan Jonsson

The Show Must Go On: Johan Jonsson

Warren Miller Entertainment and Blizzard athlete Johan Jonsson is Swedish by summer, Swiss by winter.

Anna Segal for Face of Winter

The Show Must Go On: Anna Segal

When the Aussie native and former slopestyle Olympian was invited to join the WME crew in Iceland to shoot for this year’s film, she ditched her day job and hopped on a plane.

Jess McMillan

The Show Must Go On: Jess McMillan

The Freeride World Tour Champion has won more freeskiing comps than any other skier, and has been a regular fixture in WME films since 2011.

Jonny Moseley for Face of Winter

The Show Must Go On: Jonny Moseley

For the past decade, Jonny Moseley has been the voice of WME’s annual ski movies.

Kim Schneider

The Show Must Go On: Kim Schneider

For 10 years Schneider and Warren worked side by side during long, grueling editing days to deliver the next WME film to the masses.

Mike Wiegele

The Show Must Go On: Mike Wiegele

Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing has been featured in countless WME films over the years, and Mike himself also skied for Warren’s camera back in the day.

Warren Miller's Face of Winter in Alaska

The Making of "Face of Winter" | Denali National Park & The Tordrillo Mountains

Jess McMillan and Forrest Jillson explore the empty, massive slopes of Alaska for the upcoming Warren Miller Entertainment film.

Jonny Moseley Return of the Turn Screen Shot

Jonny Moseley On the Pinnacle of Skiing

The mogul skiing champ talks skiing bumps in retirement.