The Show Must Go On: Kim Schneider

For 10 years Schneider and Warren worked side by side during long, grueling editing days to deliver the next WME film to the masses.

Since 1978, Kim Schneider has been the man behind the scenes of WME’s annual film.  Here he reflects on the ups and downs of being part of the WME team.

Kim Schneider: I first interviewed with Dick Barrymore for a job. He was doing the same thing as Warren—making ski movies and going on tour. I actually really wanted to work for Barrymore. They both had that weird kind of humor, but Barrymore was more seriously ski-oriented. But Barrymore didn’t have a job opening, Warren did. In the end it didn’t matter to me as long as I was working on ski movies. And you have to understand, for the next 10 years working with Warren, I was in heaven. I had gotten my dream job.

I actually quit [WME] after two films and moved back to Alaska. I just couldn’t deal with L.A. It was nice living on the beach and all, and Warren was great about letting me plug in my motorhome right behind the office. It was just freakin’ Los Angeles. It’s just intense. So, after we finished the movie in the fall, I left and went up to Alaska. In November Warren came up to do the show in Anchorage like he did every year. We hung out and played some racquetball. He told me he wanted me back. I had ideas of things I wanted to change, I wanted to do some different stuff. And he said, ‘We’ll make it work.’

There’s nothing like a theater full of laughter, and Warren got that. From the first time someone laughed at one of his jokes, he knew: ‘That’s it, that’s what I want to hear.’ He could come up with funny one-liners on the spot while sitting there looking at a shot for the first time. Every year, we say, ‘We’ve got to do something to make people laugh.’

Originally printed in the November 2018 issue of SKI Magazine.