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SKI-00219 OSP-001538 Vehicle First Aid Kit

Best Vehicle First-Aid Kits

All of the first-aid kits reviewed here are ideal for storage in the back of a car or under a seat, and they come packed with the essentials you’ll need in a basic emergency, including bandages, gauze, and antiseptic wipes.

SKI-00221 OSP-001540 Jumper Cables

Best Jumper Cables

You never know when the moment will come to give your car, truck or motorcycle the jolt of life it needs in your driveway or out on the road far, far from home with a pair of jumper cables.

SKI-00220 OSP-001539 Emergency Flares

Best Emergency Flare Kits

You'll never regret buying a set of LED beacons for use in your car, truck, or boat—the only regret will be not having one of these emergency flare kits on hand the few times (hopefully) you have to deploy.


Essential Ice Scrapers for This Winter

Whether you’re digging your car out in a monster snowstorm or need to clear the frost from your windshield for your morning commute, these lightweight yet durable ice and snow scrapers have got you covered—or uncovered in this case. Read on to discover our top picks on the market today!

SKI-00269 OSP-0013799 Scarf Shawl

Best Scarf Shawls

Looking for shoulder-scarf shawls and wraps for outdoor wear and occasions big and small? Formal use or for wearing around the house? Love the feel and comfort of 100-percent wool and cashmere knits but don’t want to break the bank?

SKI-00270 OSP-0013800 Travel Pillow

Best Travel Pillows

In today’s world of heightened awareness around hygiene on airplanes, trains and other forms for public transportation, small personal items like travel pillows assume even greater importance in terms of must-pack travel gear.