Heather Hansman

Ode illustration October 2018

FOMO, No More

The best part about skiing might not be the turns, the snow, or even the scenery. It's a chance to disconnect from the digital world.

bosslady Jasmin Caton

#BOSSLADY: Jasmin Caton

Jasmin Caton guides clients, repairs generators, and inspires the next generation of female entrepreneurs—all before breakfast.

Colorado Homegrown thumb

Skiing, Art, and SIA

Something Independent is working to make Colorado the hub of the snowsports industry by promoting local businesses and artists during the Snowsports Industries America tradeshow.

wife carrying

Wife Carrying Championships

This Saturday, Sunday River will host the 11th annual North American Wife Carrying Championship. The fastest couple wins the wife's weight in beer and five times the wife's weight in cash.

Anita Ortiz Trail Running

Ultra Running Rundown

Think you could run 100 miles in one shot? Champion ultra runner Anita Ortiz fills us in on how she does it. Plus, a break down of the most intense ultra races this fall.