Joel Gratz

La nina repeat

Will La Nina Be Back?

History is usually a boring subject. But in this case, knowing a bit of history might help you find powder for next season. Intrigued?

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Deep snowpack in the west, thanks to... meteors?

The SNOTEL network presents valuable data for skiers, and relies on technology called meteor burst communication to gather that data.

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The State of the Slopes

Have our predictions for this winter's snowfall stood the test of time?

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Jet Stream 101

What do changes in speed and direction in the jet stream mean for skiers?

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How is the Season Shaping Up?

Is La Nina holding up her end of the deal?

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What is the Pineapple Express?

As the Western US was pounded with snow, and resorts like Mammoth Mountain saw thirteen feet of snow, meteorologists were pointing to the "pineapple express." But what exactly does that mean? Meteorologist Joel Gratz fills us in.

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Finally Winter on the East Coast

While the western states were having fun in November and early December with over 100” of snow, east coasters were sitting around hoping for a little sign that winter is an equal-opportunity season. Over the last few days, winter showed up east of the Mississippi with cold air and BIG snow totals.

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November, Going On January

So much for a drier early season. Colorado, Utah, and Tahoe are consistently receiving powder. Viva La Nina.

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La Nina is Already Here

This week (and next) is shaping up in perfect La Nina fashion. Here's how to understand the storm patterns.

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What La Nina Means for Snowfall

“Why do we care about La Nina, or El Nino?” In short, it’s really the only reliable clue that meteorologists have to predict temperature and precipitation patterns months and seasons in advance. Meteorologist/skier Joel Gratz weighs in.