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Gear & Digital Editor for SKI Magazine. Enjoys skiing fast & craft beer.

Melvin Brewing

Ski Town Gold

Until beer brewing becomes an Olympic sport, gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival are as good as it gets for ski town breweries.

travel digi promo

Two for One

Headed somewhere far away on a ski trip? Pack half as much with these dual-use items.

There are few things better than a ski tune workbench.

Stay Tuned

The tools you need to keep your skis in shred-worthy shape all season long.

Zero Tolerance Silverton store

Zero Tolerance

The key to avoiding backcountry fatalities may lie in hiring a guide. But not everyone is on board with that idea... yet.

k2 skis friends on a pow day

Friends On A Pow Day

What do you get when you combine K2's pro athletes with the steeps of Colorado's Silverton Mountain? Good times and great skiing.

chasing advanture cover shot

Chasing AdVANture

One part Chris Benchetler, two parts #VanLife, and a whole lot of stunning GoPro follow cam.

Mike Douglas backflip fountain of youth

Salomon TV: "Fountain of Youth"

When your official pro skier nickname is "The Godfather," what do you do to stay forever young? Mike Douglas tries to find that magic elixir in Japan for the first episode of this season's Salomon TV.

real skifi summer

Real Skifi: Summer 2017

Three skiers from Finland get ready for the ski season by skiing everywhere they can, without a single snowflake in sight. Clever lads.

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Who's your Ski Buddy?

Should you marry someone who likes to do the same stuff you do? Like race 100k on skis across Norway for instance?