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Jon Jay

Gear & Digital Editor for SKI Magazine. Enjoys skiing fast & craft beer.

BR-808 in a glass

Beer For Skiers: The BR-808

A collaboration between three different breweries on three different continents, this beer goes great with ski movies, just like the instrument it honors.

Glissading during the Discrete Cirque Series

Gear for Mountain Running

Whether you've entered a race at a ski area or are ready to step up the climbs on your local trails, this gear is ready to help you get the job done.

Ashley Brasovan running the Discrete Cirque Series

Run a Ski Area

There’s more to ski areas in the summer than mountain coasters and ziplines. Try running up one with friends.

DYNAFIT SpeedFit 84

Heading Up

Fitness fans, a gear revolution and easier slope access fuels a sport's ascent.

The Somewear Satellite Hotspot in use, somewhere.

Beyond the Signal

Endorsed by Jeremy Jones, Somewear has created an affordable satellite hotspot for adventurers.

Baker Boyd faceshot by Zack Maraziti


The latest from Baker Boyd and Polartec almost feels as good as actually skiing in Japan.


Get Around

At Valle Nevado, you are so close to neighboring resorts you can practically taste them. Check them out with the Interconnect Pass.

istock photo

Urban Delights

Despite the fact that one-third of Chileans live in Santiago, the city is more like a really big super-friendly small town.

Casablanca Valley

Viva Vino

Take your game to the next level with some educational vineyard tours and wines fit for royalty.