Katharine Brunotts

SKI-00371 OSP-001875 Women’s Workout Jacket

Best Women’s Workout Jacket

While working out, you need clothing that’s not only comfortable, but that has performance qualities. You need a workout jacket that moves with you and that wicks moisture while helping you regulate body temperature.

SKI-00259 OSP-001375 Ice Packs

Best Ice Packs

As fun as adventuring may be, it can certainly take a toll on our joints and other muscles. Luckily, there are a number of ice packs that can be used for productive pain therapy after a long hike or time outdoors. Below, we’ll go over 4 of the top ice packs on the market with a variety of sizes, styles, and pack materials.

SKI-00258 OSP-001374 Gauze

Best Gauze

Whenever you’re venturing the outdoors, it’s always best to have everything you need to treat scrapes, sprains and minor injuries. High-quality gauze is one of the staples of a well stocked first-aid kit.