Paul Tolme

Steinkamp Protect Our Winters

Citizen Skier

Chris Steinkamp has grown Protect Our Winters into the ski industry’s leading voice for climate action. His next challenge: convincing skiers to spark a movement to save the snow—and bag some turns.

airbnb. Loveland

Airbnb Heads to the Mountains

Online home-rental services, such as Airbnb, are reinventing ski travel and helping homeowners pay their mortgages. But at a cost: more nuisance for neighbors and a tighter housing crunch.


Game of Drones

Drones are coming to resorts, which want them for everything from vanity videos to rescue efforts. But don’t expect to fly your own drone on the hill soon.



A red menace is sweeping North America’s lodgepole forests, killing trees in ski country from Colorado to British Columbia. This might be good news after all.

Essential Gear

What Now: iSkier

The small screen is revolutionizing the way skiers chase snow, ride lifts and even share their adventures. But is this something to tweet about?