Jess Higgins Kelley, MNT


Injured? Eat this

Because pizza and beer won't make you heal faster.

Indulge your inner carnivore in Argentina. Order bife de lomo, and if you get invited to a local asado (BBQ), go immediately. Almost every restaurant offers a parilla, a plate of assorted grilled meats. In Chile, eat a bowl of mariscos. The deep ocean shelf right off the coast means all kinds of exotic shellfish, beyond the normal mussels and clams.  Don’t ask questions, lemons and a fork is all you need.

Eat Like a Caveman: Ski Better

Can eating like our ancestors lead to stronger skiing?


New Sunscreen Regulations

The FDA recently changed the regulations for sunscreen manufacturers. Here's what’s changing and what’s missing, and what it means for you.

Call for Spring Parties

Keeping Off-Season Mojo Alive

If your summertime régime consists of one-arm, 12-ounce curls and drooling over ski porn, then your testosterone levels could be dropping each day you’re off of the slopes. That’s bad news for men and women.

A-Basin Beach

More Spring Drinking Than Skiing? How to Love Your Liver

There's nothing better than pounding beers after skiing spring powder all day. Problem is, there's nothing worse for your liver. Here's how to help your liver recover, plus foods you can eat to keep it strong.

Gluten free

Ski Gluten Free

Staying away from wheat isn't just for sorority girls and seed-eating hippies. Skiers are finding that going gluten free helps their performance. Luckily, bakeries and ski town restaurants are catching on.


More Important than First Chair? Breakfast

Why you need it, and what skiers like Chris Davenport and Jen Hudak eat in the a.m.


Fries Versus Salad

Trying to find the healthiest slopeside side? The answer might surprise you.


Skiing Superfood: the Burger

Your après hamburger could actually be good for you and your skiing. Here's how beef can help your knees, where to find the best ski town burgers, and why free-range meat makes a difference.