First Look: Seirus Women’s Heatwave Mapped Baselayers

Seirus’ new body-mapped Heatwave layers arrive just in time for a winter spent outdoors.

Women have a hard time finding baselayers that can multitask like they can. Some layers are warm, but they feel wet all day after trudging from the parking lot to the lift. Some layers wick, but the winter winds seemingly blow through them. It took a company with their fingers on the pulse—literally—to solve this problem. 

Seirus is renowned for having the top technology in glove liners. What is less known, is that the company holds numerous patents on cold weather gear, and manufacturers over 300 products with technologies developed to enhance the outdoor experience. Seirus’ Heatwave technology is used in glove liners as a way to amplify and reflect radiated heat for more warmth. For winter 20/21, the innovative Heatwave technology debuts in baselayers—just in time to multitask for active women. 

The Women’s Heatwave Mapped Long Sleeve ¼ Zip Top and Full Length Bottom are designed to warm big muscle groups while managing temperature changes and perspiration. As a former east coast ski racer, I have PTSD from frigid winter days, so I tend to overdress. I’m active on the slopes, but I get cold quickly. I was pleasantly surprised to feel heat reflected back on my chest, lower back and arms on a recent 20-degree day in Colorado while wearing the top and bottom layers. As I moved around on snow, I started to sweat. I unzipped my jacket and lowered the ¼ zip and felt some relief, thanks to the well-placed mesh ventilation. Instead of feeling moisture clinging to the fabric under my arms, the sweat wicked away. It didn’t leave a trail of body odor, either. Later, as the early-winter sun set, I zipped back up, but still felt a slight warming around my core.

As the name implies, the Heatwave Mapped top and bottom employ body mapping technology. The Heatwave fabric is strategically placed where the body tends to cool—the chest, the waist, back of the neck and top of the arms. The bottoms are constructed mostly with Heatwave fabric, except for the waistband, crotch and the outer thighs, which tend to heat up during aerobic activity. A scratchless flatlock seam construction combines the 4-way stretch Heatwave fabric, the Max Wick fabric and the anti-microbial mesh. I appreciated the soft handfeel of the fabric on my skin as well as the athletic fit of both the top and bottom.

A Base Layer Like no Other


Seirus is changing the game with next level Base Layer tops and bottoms to give you all the warmth you need in a single, comfortable layer. Our heat reflective Heatwave™ material both reflects and amplifies warmth – gone are the days of piling on layer after layer just to go outside. With the insight of body heat-map studies the Mapped base layers merge 3 dynamically complimenting fabrics that deliver warmth and ventilation where they are most needed. The ultimate in temperature regulation. For pure warming power the Reversible Base Layer features heatwave throughout and can be worn in whichever orientation suits you.

EVO ARC: The Ultimate Face Protection for Social Distancing


The EVO Arc Masque is the most comfortable, breathable, protective mask designed from the ground up for social distancing. The flexible arc creates a free-breathing, talking pocket so you can wear it comfortably in any activity without feeling constricted. Add this to some of our classic cold weather pieces and you have a line of gear ready for anything. Our new EVO products with HeiQ V-block provide antimicrobial protection inside and out. V-Block is EPA registered and provides hypoallergenic, odor-free products you can reuse with confidence. Get back to the outdoors comfortably with the EVO Arc Masque.

EVO: Classic Styles for a Modern World


As we start heading outside for all the winter activities coming up, we all have our go-to cold weather gear. That’s why we are bringing EVO protection to a whole line of our classic winter products. Now you can have the best in cold weather and social distancing protection. Our new EVO products with HeiQ V-block provide antimicrobial protection inside and out. V-Block is EPA registered and provides hypoallergenic, odor-free products you can reuse with confidence. Get back to the outdoors comfortably with EVO head and face protection.

EVO: Total Protection for Your Hands


Seirus glove liners have always been sleek, form fitting, and warm, and now they add a whole new level of protection. Whether you’re outside commuting, exercising, or just out and about you can keep your hands comfortable, warm, and now clean as well. Our new EVO products with HeiQ V-block provide antimicrobial protection inside and out. V-Block is EPA registered and provides hypoallergenic, odor-free products you can reuse with confidence. Get back to the outdoors comfortably with EVO glove liners.

HeatTouch™ Hellfire Gloves: The Ultimate All-Day Heat


Powerfully warm, on command. Seirus HeatTouch™ gloves revolutionized snow gloves, and the Hellfire™ takes things to a whole new level. With the new 3000Ultra battery, all day heat has become a reality. With up to 12 hours of battery life, you can stay out longer than you ever thought possible. Available in a glove or a Mitt, the premium leather construction makes this not only one of the warmest and toughest gloves we’ve ever made, it’s also one of the best looking. Look for your pair this season in stores and online.

The Dexterity of a Glove with the Warmth of a Mitt


Combining the best elements of both a glove and a mitt, the Magne Mitt Ridge™ is the all-around system that keeps you warm no matter what you’re doing. The mitt design lets your fingers stay warmer together – but if you ever need that extra bit of dexterity, the magnetic seam easily opens up to let your fingers free without ever exposing them to the cold. With the mitt open a Heatwave™ liner keeps your hands warm and the whole thing closes up again in a snap without any fuss thanks to that magnetic closure.

Modular Face Protection for any Conditions


Up and down, in a snap. The Bandit series of Magnemasks from Seirus give you the freedom to adjust your face protection exactly as you like it, while maintaining full nose and cheek coverage at all times. Which is often the most overlooked region in face protection despite a large part of your body heat escaping through those areas. A Neofleece panel provides warmth and comfort while fitting perfectly with goggles so there are no gaps. Magnetic touch points allow the face covering to come off or snap back into place in an instant.

Magnemask™: Face Protection in a Snap


On the slopes, it isn’t always go, go, go. Ski, chairlift, talk, eat, drink, repeat. As much as we wish it was a non-stop epic powder run, sometimes there are things you have to take care of. Queue the Magnemask™: built with a magnetic seam, pull down mask, it gives you the flexibility you need on the mountain without ever having to take your hood off. Face protection in a snap. With a face mask that snaps on and off in an instant – those in-between times just got that much more convenient. 

Xtreme All Weather™ Gloves: Waterproof Form-Fit Gloves


Taking the original All Weather™ into the 100% waterproof realm, Xtreme All Weather™ gloves are fully waterproof, warm, and definitely mountain-capable. Unrivaled dexterity and the warmth of an insulated glove make these the best all-around gloves on the market. Available in a variety of styles, these are sure to change your outlook on the encroaching winter, complete with optional touchscreen control.

All Weather™ Gloves. All-around warmth and style


 The All Weather™ Glove collection from Seirus represents the best in warmth and versatility. These gloves provide unrivaled dexterity and challenge the notion of warmth relying on bulk. Imagine a warmth capacity similar to a lofted/insulated glove, but still being able to interact with the tactile world around you. All weather gloves remove the barrier between you and everyday life, in everything from handling change to operating your phone.

Heatwave™ lining. Ultra-thin heat amplification.


Because a Heatwave™ lining creates so much warmth without the bulk, it lends itself perfectly to use as a liner. Any winter outdoors enthusiast will know and attest to the benefits of base layers, but when Heatwave technology is applied to that second-skin feel, the cold just doesn’t stand a chance. Be sure to check out these revolutionary liners for the ultimate in lightweight warmth.

Quick Clavas: Hats with built-in pull-down balaclavas


The balaclava is a time-tested performer in any weather, and for a lot of us, the perfect fashion piece to complete our ninja style. But some people prefer a little more versatility…introducing the Quick Clava component system. Quick Clavas combine a stylish winter hat with a pull-down balaclava built right in. It sits comfortably underneath the hat and then pulls down in an instant to a full on head, face, and neck protection piece. This way you can wear it as a normal hat, but should conditions get rough, the balaclava is there for you.

As a recovering popsicle on snow, I’ll still wear a midlayer over the Heatwave Mapped Top, but the heat reflective property of the Seirus Heatwave material gives me confidence that I’ll stay warm this winter—even as I turn my car into a locker room because I’m avoiding the lodge. Though I didn’t apres ski in the bar as I usually would after that chilly day in the mountains, I did wear the Heatwave ¼ Zip Top to a Zoom meeting I was running late to. I got complimented on my top, thanks to the attractive reflective lining of Heatwave—and its ability to multitask like me.